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Than Tru Troi & Hong Bang Stories

Based on a Vietnamese myth of a giant god called "THAN TRU TROI" which means GOD-LIFT-SKY.​

In the beginning, there was nothing, and the world was formless and primordial. From beneath, a giant emerged and began creating the world. He dug into the earth and carried rocks. To push up the sky, he built a huge pillar. With each passing day, the sky grew higher. However, the giant broke the pillar, causing the soil and rocks to splatter everywhere, eventually turning into hills and mountains. The place where the giant dug the deepest is now the vast ocean.

Continuing with "THAN TRU TROI" Project, I made a continuous illustration based on a collection of myths from the Hong Bang period, which was a legendary, semi-mythical period from 2879 BC to 258 BC in Vietnamese history. 

The long illustration "HONG BANG STORIES" is a combination of 4 Vietnamese legends: Lac Long Quan - Au Co, Saint Giong, Banh Chung Banh Day, Mai An Tiem. 

"HONG BANG STORIES" video with effects and music :

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